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Extended DISC® assessments are based on concepts of human behavior accepted widely all around the world. They are not, however, purely psychological tools. They are also management’s tools in efforts to increase the efficiency of an organization. Today, Extended DISC® Analyses are a part of the daily management system in thousands of organizations all around the world. They give the decision maker extremely important information about people involved in the organization – information that would otherwise be very much more expensive and time consuming to acquire.

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is the origin of the Extended DISC® System. It was developed between 1991 and 1994 and is today the starting phase in many different training and consultancy projects. Learning the Extended DISC® System typically begins with completing the Personal Analysis Questionnaire and participating in the Personal Analysis Certification Training.

Extended DISC System was among the first ones to offer web based solution for completing assessments and managing the whole process. The first web applications were launched to users as early as 1998.

Personal Analysis is the most commonly used Extended DISC® assessment because of its many applications; it is also the foundation for the other assessments. Personal Analysis is a behavioral inventory based on self-evaluation. There are no right or wrong answers in the instrument questionnaire. It does not give a high or low score or by any other means classify people into better or worse. The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis does not measure intelligence, professional skills, or attitudes – it purely concentrates on measuring natural behavioral styles.

Personal Analysis is a useful tool for not only the individual him/herself but also for everyone communicating with the person. Its main purpose is to increase understanding of human behavior; our own and others’.

Compared to other Disc Theory based tools Extended DISC® Personal Analysis goes more deeply into the person’s personality, measuring something much more unconscious, stable and natural than Disc tools traditionally have done.
I am very happy to offer you the opportunity to use this tool that we believe is the most comprehensive behavioral assessment tool available. It can help you both in your business and private life.

Jukka Sappinen
Managing Director
Founder of the Extended DISC® and FinxS® Systems

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